If you run a busy warehouse or logistic business and need a quick and easy way to track merchandise while it is being transported, you may want to consider using Smart Tag or Smart Card as a smart label.  Smart Tag and Smart Card utilize near-field communication (NFC) technology. With the rewriteable e-paper display on Smart Tag / Smart Card, paper label printing and handling are no longer necessary. The use of paper can be eliminated. 

Ultra high frequency (UHF) technology has been applied to Smart Card in addition to NFC. It is possible to track multiple cards at the same time from a distance. 

Smart Tag and Smart Card are e-paper tags. Each tag can keep data displayed on its screen without consuming power. Power is necessary when data on the display screen is rewritten or data is read from the tag. Data including text, graphics or a barcode on the screen are rewritable through NFC. A barcode displayed on the e-paper tag can be read by nearly every type of handheld scanner. 


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